Sarah Wayne Callies Is Proud Of Her Lori Grimes Hate


Actress Sarah Wayne Callies had a unique experience on The Walking Dead.  Her character of Lori Grimes was despised by many fans of the show because of how she had moved on from Rick Grimes and was seeing his police partner Shane Walsh and her poor parenting of her son Carl.

That makes things awkward when it she attends conventions or attends other functions when fans of The Walking Dead.  In fact, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarah Wayne Callies was very open about going from playing a beloved character on Prison Break to being a very dislikable character on The Walking Dead:

"“This is kind of perverse, but I was actually proud of it in a way. Coming off of Prison Break, I’d played a character that was really kind of beloved when it came to the fans and seen as a real good person and an angel in some ways. I loved that, and it was amazing, but I thought it seemed like a trap as an actor. If you always play characters that fans really love, it seems like you run the risk of starting to make decisions with the characters you play so that fans will love you. So I was actively looking for a character that would not be a sort of uncontested good. And I got one! [Laughs.] Mission accomplished. But I loved her. I think Lori is a powerhouse and a hero, but that’s just my opinion.”"

Honestly, playing a character that is very dislikable is a huge challenge.  Most viewers of a television show want to give each character a chance to prove that they are likable and relatable.  By showing that she could make Lori Grimes such a despised character, Sarah Wayne Callies proved that she was a great actress.

Although the Lori Grimes has passed on from the Walking Dead, the impact that Sarah Wayne Callies character had on the program remains to this day.  Carl Grimes continues to look for that mother figure, Rick Grimes still isn’t searching out a romantic relationship and Shane Walsh is dead.  Also, Lori’s daughter Judith (who most likely is Shane’s son) is being watched over by the group.

So, do you love Sarah Wayne Callies for her work as Lori Grimes on The Walking Dead?  Or do you despise the character so much that your dislike carried over to the actress who played her?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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