Walking Dead: Who Should Lead The Group If Rick Dies? [POLL]


Let’s get one thing out of the way quickly: Rick Grimes hasn’t died on The Walking Dead.  There aren’t even rumors that the character is in a lot of danger for the season half of season 5.  For the entire run of the show, Rick has been either the appointed or self-declared leader of the group, despite how hard he tried to make it a democracy at times.

But if something were to happen to Rick, who would be the most suitable character to replace him as the leader of the group?  Here are some of the best options:

Daryl Dixon – Daryl is a fan favorite on The Walking Dead and has shown to have the hunting, tracking and survival skills to survive.   However, he’s not much of a people person and could be better as a small group leader instead of large group.

Michonne – She survived on her own for quite a while before joining Rick’s group by using her own zombified family and friends as camouflage.  She has slowly become more of a people person over the years, but has she grown enough to be a leader?

Carol Peletier – Proving her worth, Carol single-handedly brought down the walls of Terminus and infiltrated it to save the entire group.  Having once been kicked out of the group though, has she done enough be respected by everyone she has wronged?

Tyreese – Normally, Tyreese wouldn’t even be on this list, but his unique way of looking at survival makes him an interesting choice as the group’s leader.  His recent non-violent ways could change the entire way the group lives, whether it’s for the better or not.

Abraham Ford – The one major plus for Abraham is that he has formal military training.  The down side is that he might be a bit unstable following the loss of his family and discovering that the only thing left driving him was a lie.  Still, his knowledge of tactics and physical ability are great leadership tools.

Carl Grimes – Carl has been underutilized on The Walking Dead, but he could be considered the heir apparent to the leader position on The Walking Dead.  He’s had time to learn what it takes to survive and done some things that others might not have been able to accomplish.

Glenn Rhee – Glenn has come a long way since he was the pizza delivery boys running errands in Atlanta.  He was always the one to do the group’s dirty work and take on the hard jobs. Since then, Glenn has grown a backbone, found love and gained respect.  But is he ready to take on an even bigger role with the group when they need it most?

Who do you think should be the next leader of the group if Rick Grimes were not there?  Vote in the poll below or leave comments below and let us know.

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