Jon Bernthal Featured In Call of Duty Exo Zombies Mode


Jon Bernthal might not play a survivor on AMC’s The Walking Dead anymore, but he still needs to brush off his zombie survival gear this month.

Scheduled for a January 27th release on Xbox Live, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will be getting its first map pack titled “Havoc”.  That package will feature a new game mode called Exo Zombies which will include four characters voiced by some of hollywood’s biggest stars.

Here are the four actors who can be heard in the game and their biggest contribution to zombie culture:

  • John Malkovich (Warm Bodies)
  • Bill Paxton (The Colony)
  • Rose McGowan (Grindhouse: Planet Terror)
  • Jon Bernthal (The Walking Dead)

Here is the trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies game mode:

Of course, Jon Bernthal played Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead.  For two seasons, Shane was the former police partner and friend of Rick Grimes before the character met his doom.  Bernthal’s character was a hard nosed man and a womanizer of sorts.  While Shane wasn’t always a likeable character, he was always interesting.

As of this post, it isn’t known if Jon Bernthal’s character will be similar to the one he played on The Walking Dead or if he will voice a completely new type of character.  Still, this kind of star power is great to see in new mode for one of the top selling video game franchises in the world.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Exo Zombies doesn’t have a release date for other platforms yet, but will be available on Xbox Live on January 27th.

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