Why Did Shane Rub His Head So Much On The Walking Dead?


Jon Bernthal did a fantastic job as Shane Walsh on The Walking Dead.  However, there were several things that the character did that made viewers question his sanity.

Along with the continuation of courting Lori Grimes after her husband joined the group, there were some mannerisms that Shane had that were out of the ordinary.  One of those, was the constant touching of his head.  At first, it just seemed like something that happened once in a while, but it kept happening, even after he shaved his head during the show’s second season.

Check out this YouTube video from Infinitify showing every time Shane Walsh rubbed his head on The Walking Dead:

25 head rubs in 2 seasons.  That’s a lot of rubbing to be done on camera.  It’s quite an interesting thing for a character to be doing so many times without some kind of explanation.

In an interview with AMC, Jon Bernthal explained why his character Shane couldn’t keep his hands off his head.  Here’s what he had to say:

"I’ve tried to find mannerisms for him, especially this season. He has things he does when he gets nervous or agitated. Shane is constantly boiling and constantly at war with himself, and I think that these gestures and movements come out of what’s going on inside of him."

So, essentially, Jon Bernthal gave Shane a nervous tic to show the mental struggles that the character was going through.  It was fitting, considering all that Shane went though mentally on the show and the struggles he had keeping it all together.

Did you notice how often Shane touched his head on The Walking Dead?   Have you noticed any other characters with nervous tics or constant motions that seem out of place?  Let us know in the comments below.

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