Stop Calling Fear The Walking Dead a ‘Companion Series’, Because It’s Not


The Walking Dead is producing what producers are calling a companion series which is actually just a prequel to the show. 

Ever since the announcement that AMC will be airing a new series based off The Walking Dead and from producers of the show that is currently airing, the series has been referenced to as a ‘companion series’. We’ve all been calling it that but the truth of the matter is no one knows what the hell a companion series is — because it’s not a thing.

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New details that have leaked about the new series, which is reportedly being called Fear The Walking Dead, and those details have confirmed everyone’s suspicion that a companion series is not a real thing we should be calling this new series.

If anything, it’s a spinoff but people are afraid to call it that for some reason. Calling it a companion series is stupid and wildly misleading to what the show is actually going to be about — which, admittedly, is the point of the producers calling it such.

A companion series would be something like Talking Dead, which is about The Walking Dead and is a handy little cliff notes book to have for the series but isn’t actually in the cannon of the series. Fear The Walking Dead being a companion series would make it more of a ‘making-of’ piece of material than actual cannon in the series.

To be fair, it’s a prequel series which could be defended as being a ‘Making-of The Walking Dead’, but again — that’s misleading.

Let’s please stop calling it a ‘companion series’ because that makes no sense and we all sound foolish. If Fear The Walking Dead isn’t a spinoff, then the MASH TV series is a companion to the film version, Frasier is a companion to CheersFamily Matters is a companion to Perfect Strangers — you get it.

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