The Walking Dead Should Visit The St. John’s Dairy Farm


AMC’s The Walking Dead already has a great source for material.  It can borrow from the hit comic book series improvise with some original content to throw off fans of the graphic novels.  The show and the comics are great, but a nod to another medium might be just what the show needs to throw fans of The Walking Dead.

Telltale Games has established a great universe and storyline in the popular The Walking Dead video game series.  The story of Lee Everett and Clementine has been told beautifully and they have been to some very interesting locations over the course of the game.  However, one location stands out when talking about the game.



When Lee, Clementine and the rest of the group of survivors were invited to the St. John’s Dairy Farm in Macon, Georgia, they assumed that they were going to get a hot, home cooked meal and some good conversation.  Instead, they got something they could never have expected.

In an episode of the game titled “Starved For Help”, the St. John family drew in the survivors by giving them some fresh baked biscuits and inviting them over for dinner.  Cautiously, the survivors went to the farmhouse for a meal with their newly found friends.  Instead, the St. John family drugged the injured Mark, removed his legs and cooked them for dinner.

While the leg-cooking thing has already been done on The Walking Dead, there’s no reason they couldn’t just have Rick and the gang enjoy a meal at the St. John’s farm during their travels without knowing what was going on behind the scenes.  They don’t have to discover the methods of acquiring the meat that the family uses for food.  It would be a really fun nod to the game and one that would get many folks talking.

Glenn Rhee and Hershel Greene have made appearances in the Telltale Games series, so why couldn’t there be some crossover from the game to the hit television show?

Personally, I know that I’d love to see it.

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