Daryl Gets Cuddly for Squirrel Appreciation Day (Photo)


The Walking Dead returns in a few weeks with the midseason premiere, but in the meantime Daryl is getting cuddly in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day.

He may be the baddest badass of them all, but Daryl Dixon has a soft side. We’ve seen him soften up this past season, especially in an episode that featured only Carol and Daryl, but he’s starting to harden up after the loss of Beth and the events that have unfolded in Atlanta.

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But despite all of that, Daryl still has a little bit of a soft side left, and he showed it off for Squirrel Appreciation Day this year. We checked, and that’s an actual holiday that celebrates Squirrels and of course Daryl Dixon knows about it.

Knowing Daryl, he probably cuddled up with this little creature and then ate it — after all, how would he know that much about Squirrel Appreciation Day? You need to know thy enemy and Daryl clearly knows a thing or two about Squirrels.

It’s a hilarious picture that reminds us there is a softer side to The Walking Dead, which has been a show that has taken so much away from us over the years. It may be a simple photo and irrelevant to the story at large, but it’s a cool reminder that things remain light even as they continue to get dark.

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