Walking Dead Deleted Scene Sheds Light On ‘Clear’


Right now, The Walking Dead is in the middle of their fifth season.  One of the biggest storylines going on currently is that Morgan Jones is following the trail left behind by Rick Grimes.  While it is likely that Rick and Morgan will reunite again in the near future, it’s easy to forget how great their first time reuniting was.

In this deleted scene from an episode of The Walking Dead’s third season titled ‘Clear’, Morgan and Rick discussed how the roles of the survivors have changed but only one thing remained constant during their struggles for survival.

Here is the video from the YouTube account of BestUSATVSeries3 (sorry about all the advertisements and words blocking the scene, I have no control over those):

The power of this scene is amazing.  While I can understand that the scenes with Rick and Morgan were lengthy in this episode, I would definitely have liked to have seen this footage included in the final cut of the episode.

Of all the actors on The Walking Dead, I think I enjoy Lennie James the best.  His portrayal of Morgan leaves me captivated every time he’s on the screen.  While there are many other fantastic actors on the show, including Melissa McBride, Andrew Lincoln and David Morrissey, James seems to elevate any dialogue from the show that he is in.

Luckily for us, we’ll get to see more of Lennie James and Morgan Jones when he does finally meet back up with Rick and the group.  While it might not happen in the second half of season 5, it will happen eventually.  And boy, will it be sweet.

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