The Walking Dead Star Lands First Major Film Role


The Walking Dead star Lauren Cohan is slated to make her major film debut in a horror film due out in the near future. 

The success of The Walking Dead has secured the cat of the show — the cast that has survived anyways — more than just a lot of money. As we’ve seen with some actors an actresses who have come through the seasons, film roles lie ahead for the more talented members of The Walking Dead and the wait to make the jump to the big screen is over for Lauren Cohan.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cohan is set to star in a film called The Boy, which is a thriller that will act as her major film debut.

"Lauren Cohan, one of the key actors in The Walking Dead, is making the jump to features, signing on to star in The Boy, a horror thriller from Lakeshore Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment."

It’s a horror movie, so Cohan isn’t going to be too far out of her depth on this one but it’s still exciting for her to land the role in a major film. Actors like Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln came into The Walking Dead with film credentials, but for some of the cast members this is the launching point for their careers.

That’s the case for Cohan, as she has landed the first of what looks to me many film roles in her career.

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