Why Won’t Talking Dead Be On After Midseason Premiere?


The Walking Dead returns on February 8th, but we will have to wait a little longer than that see Talking Dead return to AMC. 

We are just weeks away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, but you shouldn’t expect to see Talking Dead premiere on the same night. Fans might be a little upset about this little change that AMC is throwing at us for the midseason premiere but it’s nothing to start panicking over.

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In fact, the delay to see Talking Dead isn’t going to be that long at all as the after show will be returning to the air the week after the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead. But why is the show being delayed and why won’t it be on when we expect it to be on after the shoe initially returns?

AMC is premiering Better Call Saul on February 8th to try and get their new series so of the rating love that The Walking Dead gets each week it’s on. It’s a bright strategy to attempt, but one that is going to sacrifice Talking Dead for atlas a week.

Don’t worry about Talking Dead getting bumped forever by Better Call Saul. Talking Dead will return on February 15th as Better Call Saul moves to it’s normal airdate of Monday evenings.

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