Gale Anne Hurd Discusses Both The Walking Dead Projects


We’re approaching an interesting and unique time for The Walking Dead.  The fifth season is about to return from their midseason break and Fear The Walking Dead is currently being made.  Folks close to both projects have been pretty tight lipped about any details, but at least now we know how both projects are going.

The folks over at E! Online spoke to executive producer of The Walking Dead Gale Anne Hurd about what to look forward to during the second half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season.

"“There will be a lot of action, there will be a few tears, and we’ll be seeing an entirely new aspect of the world that we’ve seen thus far. That’s something that I think the comic book fans are especially looking forward to.” she said."

While folks that don’t read the comics might not have a great idea of things that may be on the horizon, readers of the books know that there are many very interesting things coming.  The Whisperers, The Saviors, Alexandria Safe-Zone and and Wiltshire Estates are all things that should be on the way soon.  Any of those could be what Gale Anne Hurd was speaking of.

As far as the companion show, currently titled “Fear The Walking Dead”, filming has started and Gale Anne Hurd seems enthusiastic about the way the show is going.

"“It’s going great. It’s another way to examine how the zombie apocalypse affects families, and we’re coming at it from an entirely different direction and we’re examining families in Los Angeles. So it’s nice to be at home, destroying LA as we do.”"

What are you guys more excited for?  Is the second half of The Walking Dead’s fifth season more compelling to you than the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead?  Or is it the other way around for you?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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