Andrew Lincoln doesn’t watch The Walking Dead


Actor Andrew Lincoln admitted that he doesn’t watch The Walking Dead.

In New York on Monday Night, a new edition of “Times Talk”  was taking place and it was focusing on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun and showrunner Scott Gimple were in attendance for the event. Danai Gurira and Lauren Cohan were scheduled to make an appearance as well, but were unable to participate due to flight issues involving the weather.

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There was still plenty to talk about with the stars that were in attendance. One of the interesting facts that we learned from the event was from Andrew Lincoln. Lincoln admitted that he does not watch The Walking Dead. They went on to show a few clips from some recent episodes on the screen and he excused himself each time they showed a clip.


"Asked about the bonding of the actors on set, Lincoln started by saying, “Well, I don’t watch the show…” Gimple interrupted, “Let’s just underline that for a second. We were going to do a DVD Commentary together, and I was excited that he was going to watch an episode! But we were doing it over the phone, and I’d point something out and he’d just say, ‘yeah, yeah,’ and I realized he wasn’t even watching then!”After clarifying that he doesn’t watch because it “doesn’t help me at all,” Lincoln said amongst the actors, “we’re still mucking about, it’s the same atmosphere. It’s my perfect set. Everything is so conducive to me being a better actor.”"

It seems pretty incredible that the lead actor for the show doesn’t watch the show at all. Wouldn’t the actor want to see the final product of what he has been working on for the whole time? I would think that could benefit him in some way.

I guess he doesn’t get to see how much of a bad ass he really is on the magic of television. There might be times that he could look at himself and wonder who in the hell is that scary mother effer on the screen? Why does he have that disgusting dead animal on his face?

Whatever he is doing, he can just keep doing it. He has made Rick Grimes an incredible character to watch. If Andrew doesn’t want to watch a single episode of the show, then he can go on with his day and keep making this show amazing.

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