Robert Kirkman says Walking Dead writers ‘hate’ Maggie’s family


The Walking Dead has already killed off most of Maggie’s family over the course of the show, which is a fact that Robert Kirkman is joking about. 

It has been rough go of things for the Greene family on The Walking Dead, specifically for Maggie. While she may still have the luxury of being alive on the series, she has watched her family die at a rather constant rate.

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The most brutal deaths were her father Hershel and her little sister Beth. Hershel was partially beheaded by the Governor right in front of Maggie’s eyes while Beth was killed as Maggie was arriving at the Atlanta hospital to see her.

Robert Kirkman continues to tease things related to Maggie and in an effort to let us know just how rough she has it, jokingly noted that the writing staff hates her family since they’ve killed all of them off.

"Maggie to a certain extent is adrift. I mean, she’s got Glenn—that’s somebody who’s certainly a big part of what provides stability to her life. But one by one she has slowly lost her family, the Greene family—the family that the writers of The Walking Dead hate because we systematically kill everyone in that family. So look out!"

It truly has been a rough go of things for Maggie and the Greene family and that’s something the show has continued to point out again and again. It also means that Maggie’s last relative alive — Glenn — should probably watch his back as his days very much could be numbered.

Maggie isn’t a dislikable character but being associated with her is probably not great for your survival.

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