The Walking Dead: Eric to appear in Episode 11


We have just been introduced to Aaron on The Walking Dead and now we will learn about Eric on the next episode. 


We just met Aaron in the latest episode, but we don’t know too much about him just yet. He just walked up to Maggie and Sasha with his hands up and said that he was a friend. The next episode should share a little more insight into Aaron and what his role is.

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If you are into the comics, then you know that Aaron is a recruit for the Alexandria Safe-Zone. His job is to scout out different groups to see if they are safe and if they are he will recruit them to join their safe area. Aaron has met up with Rick and company in order to bring them into Alexandria.

Another character that we should meet soon is Eric. According to the Spoiling Dead, we should meet him in the next episode. Eric will be played by Jordan Woods-Robinson. Eric is Aaron’s work partner and -boyfriend.

Aaron’s job is to recruit the people into Alexandria, while Eric is Aaron’s insurance policy. If anything were to go wrong, Eric would step in and kill the members of the group. Eric has been watching the interactions this whole time.

We will see how he is introduced to the group on the show. Let’s see if they do it just like they did in the comics.

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