The Walking Dead features gay kiss, knuckle draggers are disgusted


The Walking Dead has introduced gay characters on the show, but the paste eaters of the world just weren’t ready for that. 

There have been lots of moments on The Walking Dead that have been brutal to watch, but the moment that has gotten the most reaction from fans wasn’t the death of a character or a nasty walker kill — it was a kiss.

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The reason this kiss was a big deal was because it was between two gay characters, which isn’t at all a big deal unless you make it a big deal. The reaction to the kiss was disgusting — which ironically is the reaction that everyone else has to the folks lashing out against the gay kiss.

There is nothing wrong with making  big deal out of a kiss on a television show, but the reason it’s a big deal has to be because of the context between characters and not their sexual orientation. But while the kiss was a minor deal in context, there were knuckle draggers out there who just couldn’t stomach the kiss.

As it has been so easily pointed out, some fans of The Walking Dead can handle gore porn like ripping zombies heads off and barbecuing legs and eating them, but can’t handle two human beings who happen to be of the same sex kissing.

It’s 2015, but we sadly still have to deal with people like this — and never before has there been a need for a zombie apocalypse.