Walking Dead: Rick shaves the beard, keeps the crazy (GIF)


The Walking Dead is back with another new episode, and Rick is back with some more of being a crazy person — sans a beard now though.

Another week means another episode of The Walking Dead, but things are quickly changing in a way we haven’t really anticipated or been used to. For once, things seem to be calming down as the Alexandria Safe Zone is providing a calm for the group and it couldn’t come at a more needed time.

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One of the visual cues that things are changing was seen in Rick saving off his beard in a symbolic sort of scene that saw him strip away the scars of the past to try and press forward as though he was stating new.

Of course, he may have shaved the beard but he hung onto the crazy, which was demonstrated later on in the episode.

Even the way he shaves his beard is a little crazy, but as silly as it sounds you have to think about the pain and suffering contained in the hairs on his face. The beard seems like a silly thing to cling to, but it has been with Rick through so many of the ups and downs of this season like the Terminus fiasco, the death of Gareth, Beth dying and Tyreese dying.

It was a more emotional scene than some may have caught on, and it’s one that symbolizes Rick’s rebirth in Alexandria.

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