Walking Dead: Who took Rick’s gun from the blender?


Who took Rick’s gun that he hid in the blender in the most recent episode of The Walking Dead?

Before Rick and the group went through the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone, he hid a gun in the blender at an abandoned house. He didn’t want to put his full trust in the new people and new area, so he decided to hide a gun just in case something were to go down. He did  the same type of thing before he entered Terminus as well.

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Rick returned to that area to check if his gun was in the blender still and he noticed that it was gone. Who took his gun? Was it the people of Alexandria and did they follow him out there as well?

The people of Alexandria have followed him and the group for a while. How else would Aaron get up to them and have all that insider info on them without anyone noticing? There are a number of people that could have taken that gun. Someone had to have seen Rick put it in there though.

Who could it have been?

If we had to guess, I would think that it was Enid that took it. She is the one that climbed over the Safe Zone walls to wander out into the woods. Carl followed her out there, but eventually lost track of her. Carl was led right back to that area though where he met up with his dad Rick and they had to fight off some walkers.

Enid also was outside of the walls when the group entered through the gates. She was watching the group from afar and Carl noticed her in a window. It seems to make a ton of sense that it was her that took the gun.

The bigger question: What is she going to do with it?

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