The Walking Dead: Was the horse a bad sign?


Norman Reedus talked about the horse in the latest episode of The Walking Dead and how it could be foreshadowing.

Norman Reedus spoke about the horse from the latest episode of The Walking Dead “Forget” and shared his thoughts on what it could mean for the group. We saw what happened to the horse. Daryl and Aaron tried to catch it and it ended up running away and getting eaten by a bunch of walkers. Was that foreshadowing on what could happen next with the whole group?

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Here is what Reedus had to say:

"That horse was something, I think that Aaron grasped onto. There’s freedom and there’s beauty and there’s nature and there’s something that’s so different than all of this. It’s sort of a mini-mission to go after this wild animal and save it. To me, it meant, you take these things and you try to domesticate them, you change everything that they’re about. You suck their life force out of them by forcing them into your safe place, and I think maybe it’s foreshadowing to what might happen to us there. It was an interesting little mission we were on. – cinemablend"

Could the group be just like this wild horse? Is it foreshadowing at what could happen to the group?

The whole group and the rest of these people of Alexandria are in their own little box. The people of Alexandria are behind these walls and have a false sense of the world and what is out there.

It is not just the walkers that people have to be afraid of now. The other people that are around also have to be something that they need to be afraid of. I am not sure if the people of Alexandria are aware of that yet.

Rick pointed out that the area needed someone to keep watch outside of the walls. Nobody had been doing it for them to this point. Without anyone in the tower to look for possible enemies, they are just setting themselves up to get attacked by another group. Rick is doing his best to get the people in the right mindset. We will see if they are prepped when some madness goes down.

This is The Walking Dead…. madness is bound to go down.

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