The Walking Dead: When will we meet the Wolves?


When will we meet the Wolves on the Walking Dead? 

When are we going to meet the “Wolves”? When are we going to find out who these people are? Or are they even people? Are they really wolves?

At this point, we have seen that name tagged around towns and we have seen the “W” etched into walkers heads to mark that they are near. Rick has seen the “W” marked on the walker and that should mean that their introduction should come soon.

Who are the wolves?

We don’t think they are actual wolves. We think that it is some gang or group of survivors.

****SPOILER ALERT*********

Just going through the comic series, we should be meeting the Wolves soon. Very soon. I would guess that it happens in this next episode. In the comics, the Wolves are introduced with a different name. They are called the Scavengers and they are led by a man named Derek.

This group goes around scavenging… hence the name scavengers. They would go around looking for food and supplies and would kill anything that got in there way.

The Scavengers are introduced when Glenn and Heath notice them while they are on a supply run. If I heard some of the spoilers that have been revealed correctly, the next episode “Spend” will have Glenn and Noah out on a supply run and they will get into a little trouble. Could we get our first encounter on Sunday?

It seems things are playing out perfectly for the encounter with the Wolves will be very soon. If that is the case, then the comic lovers will have a pretty good idea how the season finale will look like. We won’t spoil it all right here. Sasha is about to get in the tower soon. Things are about to pop off. We can’t be living in this fairy-tale life for too long.

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