Walking Dead producer tells story of how NBC passed on the show


The Walking Dead is the best show on television, and AMC almost lost out to NBC on the rights to air the series. 

AMC is the home of such television classics like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, but the best show it has at it’s disposal right now is The Walking Dead.

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The series is a smash hit, but it almost debuted on another network altogether.

At SXSW, executive producer David Alpert noted that NBC was originally offered the series, but once the executives found out what the show was about they very quickly changed their minds.

"“I remember sitting down with the president of NBC at the time and saying, ‘You want to put this on your network?’ and I held up the book and it has a picture of a zombie with blood all over his face and scared Rick holding a gun,” Alpert said during the SXSW talk. “‘This is never going to go on NBC.’ The exec said, ‘No, we’re going to do something different and really shake things up!’ So we delivered the script exactly the way we said we would, and they passed.”"

The Wlaking Dead on NBC might have actually worked, as we’ve seen the network go out on a limb with Hannibal. That’s a gory show, if you haven’t seen it, and it’s on the dark level as The Walking Dead is on.

So while it’s a funny story that NBC passed on The Walking Dead because of it’s content, it might actually not have been the disaster we think it cold have been if the network would have green-lit the series.

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