Walking Dead S05E15 Try Spoiler: Will we see the ‘wolves’?


We have been waiting to find out who these wolves are on the Walking Dead. Will we finally be introduced to them on Sunday? 

*****SPOILER ALERT******

We have been hearing about these “wolves” on the Walking Dead for a while. Ever since we stepped into Noah’s town, hints of these “wolves” have been dropped into episodes. We have seen the graffiti on the wall that warned of the Wolves coming. We also have seen the letter ‘W’ etched into the heads of walkers.

Their introduction seems to be near. We only have a couple of episodes left in the season though. Will we be introduced to these ‘wolves’ in the next episode of the Walking Dead?

The Spoiling Dead has the answer for us. Here is what they said about the possibility of the wolves making an appearance on the next episode “Try”:

"-Do we see the “wolves”?No, but Daryl and Aaron find a cut up walker, only its torso is missing. They find a woman tied to a tree, nude, guts hanging out with a W cut into its head. There are also two other walkers at separate points with the same W on its head."

It seems that we are getting closer and closer to seeing these Wolves, but they still are not going to make their appearance in the next episode. There are more walkers that are seen torn into pieces and there are other walkers with the W etched into their skull. They are close. We will see more hints of them around.

It looks like we won’t get to finally meet who the Wolves are until the season finale though. They have extended that finale to 90 minutes and it is sure to be packed with action. Can’t wait to finally meet them.

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