The Walking Dead: Are we rooting for the bad guys?


The Walking Dead is nearing the end of it’s fifth season, and the question we all need to start considering is if we’re rooting for the wrong guys. 

Through five season on The Walking Dead, we have followed Rick Grimes and the gang though thick and thin — which as given us a natural attraction to them. We’re on their side because of everything we’ve seen them go through but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the ones we’re supposed to be rooting for.

In what could be the biggest twist in a long time, a show might start to explain to viewers who have watched a show for five years that they’ve been rooting for the wrong people the entire time.

What a mindf-ck that would be.

It has been suggested in the past that Rick might turn heel and that we could see people like Abraham and others do things that are not so admirable. In fact, we’ve already seen this group do some not so nice things in the not so distant past.

I mean, Rick hack a dude to death with a machete in a church — let’s not just graze over that, even if said victim was a cannibal.

Abraham is a loose cannon of sorts, Eugene has already watched people die for his lies and Carl is just so punchable that his existence is wrong. All of this suggests that we may be on the wrong team, as the pure and wholesome group we thought we were encountering throughout the run of the series are morphing into something else.

Maybe it was the death of Hershel that set all of this change in motion, but something has happened to our beloved group and it may be that they’re no longer the good guys.

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