The Walking Dead S5E15 Preview: ‘Try’


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The Illusion of Good and Evil

There’s a thin line between Sheriff and becoming The Governor on The Walking Dead.

Last week’s episode possessed Walking Dead fans in a state of frenzy at Father Gabriel’s betrayal. Red in their eyes, gnawing their couches with their teeth. They lay propped up, helpless to intervene. A third party bystander. Fly on the wall. No different than Maggie Green’s silent restraint on the stairs. Every viewer watching, felt as if they were right there on the staircase of treason. The fourth wall rising to life.

Their collective roar muted by the thirst of curiosity. An outstanding piece of cinematography. A kinship connection in eavesdropping for the viewer. Resentment at the hinting of possibility… Is Father Gabriel right? Are we all merely accomplices in our praise of Rick’s group as the ‘good’ guys? Stockholm syndrome a natural outcome after five seasons’ treasure of episodes.

If by chance it is true, and we’ve all had tattered wool pulled over our eyes. Would it change anything? Our security blanket that’s held us tight in its embrace, snatched away. The promise that we’re all good people cheering on the heroes, nothing more than a vanity mirror. We’ve all watched the group ‘do the worst kind of things just to stay alive’. Could ‘we still come back and all change’ our allegiances? Our faith in the group as the ethereal standard of honor? If you believe that, there’s only one word that springs to mind. ‘Liar’.

Alexandria and Woodbury

Woodbury was Alexandria with protection. The Governor’s stronghold of pre-emptive defense. Strike them before they advance on you. Woodbury endured because the Governor’s squadron understood the savagery of the open thoroughfare. There was no luck of the draw, no fluke of an Alexandria. They were an always mobile, on-foot armada.

The necessity of dirty work, for a town population’s clean bill of conscience. The congress woman Deanna has enlisted the services of Rick to be a constable, but she will get a Governor. That’s what it takes for a town to sustain itself on more than a roll of the dice. Pre-emptive luck. Triumph on the weight of a loaded pair of ivories, because crooked is a matter of viewpoint. Where the house rules, is where it wins.

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What We Want Is What You Got

Carol’s visit has provided Rick with the opportunity to accomplish morally what he desired. Taking Jessie. A pristine set of circumstances, the perception of the abusing husband/father and the rescuing Sheriff. Yet, important questions linger. What if Carol is wrong? Rick and his group’s credibility will face a devastating blow. A clash over the town of Alexandria inevitable in its aftermath. Worse yet, what if Jessie does not want to be saved? It’s a plausible risk. The challenge of perfect conditions and Murphy’s law. Everything is always one error away from a toppling domino ride of disaster.

Let’s take a moment to allow the morning sun to kindly shake hands with our mirror. As it brandishes a familiar sight and figure in its absence. You. Are you a disciple of morality? What lengths would the marriage of principle and survival reach for you, before a proclamation of divorce? How many clashes, petty disputes and dwindling resources, would it take for you to renege on your oath? That is the question tipped on its axis today. Is good and evil simply a modest way of biasing viewpoint?

Tonight’s Episode Directed By: Michael E. Satrazemis

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Walking Dead Ratings

– Last week’s Walking Dead episode “Spend” scored a 7.0 rating, scoring around 13.781 million viewers in the 18-49 age demographic according to Tvbythenumbers.

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