The Walking Dead: Has Rick Lost His Mind?


The Walking Dead set up a chilling season finale episode next week, and the question is being legitimately asked — has Rick lost his mind?

The Walking Dead is only getting more intense as the show barrels towards a season finale that is probably going to blow us all away. It’s going to be hard to top the penultimate episode we saw this past week, but the show has a way of taking us by surprise pretty much all the time.

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One thing that we’ve been waiting to have happen is Rick finally losing his mind. He has been through so much int he five seasons we’ve followed him that it’s not unbelievable to think that he’s finally just snapped and is no longer the man we once knew him as.

I mean, did you see the last episode? Rick was a man teetering on the brink before the events of ‘Try’ and he may have been pushed off the deep end.

That’s bad news for the group, as Rick has been the closest thing to a leader they’ve had since Hershel lost his head, and moving forward without a leader is dangerous. There are natural replacements like Carol or Daryl, but Rick has been a vital part of the operation for a while now and the group might be lost without him.

Only time will tell if Rick is truly mad, but it’s looking like the final wire has snapped and Rick is in absolute free fall.

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