Walking Dead Season 5 Finale Spoilers: Eugene kills everyone


The Walking Dead airs its season finale episode on Sunday night, and Josh McDermitt is spoiling the entire thing for everyone. 

We have just days to prepare for the season finale of The Walking Dead on AMC, but Josh McDermitt is looking to spoil things for you before we can get to airdate.

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Josh McDermitt spoke with E! News and stated that the big spoiler in the season finale of the Walking Dead is that Eugene kills everyone.

"I will give you this spoiler though: Eugene kills everyone now that he has some newfound courage. That’s basically what the 90 minutes are going to be about,” he tells us with a laugh. He’s joking, guys!"

Of course, McDermitt is joking, but the press that Eugene has been getting recently seems to suggest he will have a big role moving forward on the show. AMC controls who gets to talk to which actors on the show, and the fact that McDermitt has been so readily available is a big deal.

As for his spoiler, it’s total bunk but it’s hilarious to hear him playing up Eugene in such a way. The bottom line is that something big is going to happen in The Walking Dead finale and that means all eyes will be glued to AMC on Sunday — regardless of what Eugene the habitual liar wants to tell us.

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