Walking Dead season finale spoilers: Will we see Morgan?


The Walking Dead season finale airs on Sunday and the spoilers are being leaked left and right. BEWARE, SPOILERS INSIDE. 

We saw hints of Morgan’s return a few times in the first half of the season. He looked like he was headed in the same direction as the rest of Rick’s group. We were wondering when we would see him make his return as part of the rest of the group.

The Spoiling Dead has the answers for us again. They are doing work to get all the spoilers out to everyone.

*********************SPOILERS INSIDE*********************

We will be seeing Morgan in this episode and we will see him early. Daryl and Aaron will run into him and bring him back to the Alexandria Safe Zone.

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Here is what the Spoiling Dead had to offer:

Q – Do we see Morgan in the finale?
A – I thought you would ask about Daryl first! Yeah, Morgan is seen camping out in the forest during the opening sequence.

Q – Does he make it to the ASZ?
A – Yeah! (Along with Daryl and Aaron)

Morgan is reunited with Rick and Carl. So much has changed since the two were together. Morgan doesn’t seem hysterical any longer. Rick has his ups and downs of crazy.

How do we think that the reunion will go this time around? Will he be allowed to stay with the rest of the crew in Alexandria? Will the rest of the crew be allowed to stay in Alexandria?

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