The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale: Glenn Got Shot, Is He Dead? (Video)


Glenn took one for the team in the season finale of The Walking Dead, but some fans are wondering if he was alive when the closing credits rolled.

The Walking Dead brought it hard and heavy with the season finale of the show, and the bloodshed didn’t miss the mark of what we were expecting. There were a few deaths in the season finale, but there is one character some are still wondering about, as it was easy to miss his fate if you weren’t paying attention.

In the season finale of The Walking Dead, we saw Glenn get shot while out in the woods outside of the Alexandria Safe Zone, which made fans wonder if he was dead.

Thankfully, Glenn was able to walk away from the incident largely unscathed, and he even got a chance for revenge against the man who shot him. While everyone was caught up with Rick wrestling with a walker outside the gates of the Alexandria Safe Zone, Glenn was wresting with the man who shot him.

But this was a dark episode for Glenn and even though he physically survived, the question is did he mentally survive?

With Rick less than stable, Michonne getting back to being a badass samurai killer and Carol playing housewife, Glenn needs to remain mentally together if the fabric of the group doesn’t want to get torn apart. Glenn has been bloodied, bruised and broken but he’s still alive — which is a lot more than what we can say for most on the series.

At the very least, let’s hope for the sake of Maggie’s sanity that Glenn keeps it together as the weight of surviving in a world where everything is dead is clearly taking it’s toll on everyone.

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