The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap


Every Last Drop

The Walking Dead season finale begins with Morgan camping peacefully, enjoying supper. Tranquility soon gives way to danger, when a mysterious individual appears. Holstering a weapon at Morgan.  His head marked with the familiar ‘W’ etched into this season’s walkers. The difference, this individual is no walker. Menance screams silently in the air, as Morgan and the new stranger discuss the situation. The stranger tells Morgan a tale of how wolves once possessed the area, and how now they are returning. Refering to the ‘W’ marking as a symbol of the wolves.

Morgan states ‘everything makes a return’, the wolves’ stranger quietly laughs, remarking ‘how he enjoys this conversation, that it reminds him of the movies’. Soon the dialogue turns sour when Morgan reaches for his cup to drink. That’s when the stranger demands he stops what he’s doing. Morgan, bewildered, asks why? The stranger tells him ‘he wants everything he has, every last drop’.

He refutes Morgan’s request to leave him a bit to live through the day, mentioning he’s taking him too and he won’t be ‘exactly alive’. Morgan states he cannot allow him to take him, and the stranger asks him to maintain ‘being still’. That’s when Morgan is attacked from behind by a second wolves member but manages to fight off both wolves. Only to discover the weapon pointed at him, was no more than a prop. Empty. The wolves have arrived on The Walking Dead.

Who Are They Gonna Believe?

Carol strongly suggests Pete treat Tara’s injuries, or she might just tell everybody he attacked her. She tells Pete, disposing of him would be simple. Revealing a blade, taunting Pete with the question ‘who are they gonna believe’ with his history. She hands him a Carol delicacy, a casserole, remarking that the plate better be clean when she returns. Pete launches into a fury when she leaves.  Constantly repeating ‘This is my house’.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon and Aaron debate recruiting a man with red poncho, but soon find they’ve lost his trail. However, they notice a food processing plant and decide the journey would not go to waste. When they open a food truck, it turns out to be trap set by the wolves. Hundreds of Walkers surround them as they are placed in a fight or flight situation. After Daryl spars with a few using a chain, the situation quickly becomes dire. The Alexandria recruiters take shelter in a parking lot car and gradually begin to understand there is no simple way out. Daryl decides to take one last smoke then run out of the car taking attention away. Aaron refuses and they decide to sprint out at the same time. It’s at that moment when Morgan rescues the two recruiters, only asking for directions in return during the aftermath.

Rick Grimes and Michonne Discuss Matters

Rick Grimes tells Michonne about the steel that Carol took from the armory. He no longer wishes to keep it a secret. Michonne asks if he kept it from her because he believes she would fight against him? Rick states he didn’t want Michonne to talk him out of it, and that she did blindside him. Michonne makes a case that was for him not for them. She reaffirms her loyalty saying she is always on his side.


We see Sasha lay beside the walkers she has vanquished. She later attempts to find refuge in a conversation with Father Gabriel. He offers no such positivity, declaring her brother Tyreese and boyfriend Bob deserved their fates. Gabriel states she is no different. Sasha goes into a frenzy, revenge in her eyes. She point’s her weapon but when Maggie discovers the two she calms the situation.

Earlier, Father Gabriel is seen on a walk outside Alexandrias’ gates. He quells two walkers, upon his return he is asked to lock the gate. He slides the gate but does not check if it fully locked.

Rick Grimes’ Discovery

Rick Grimes discovers the gate’s been left unlocked and unwatched. He notices something has entered inside by markings on the gate. Rick speeds through the town searching for walkers or worse. He is thrown off guard by a walker but soon reigns victorious. He brings the walker to the town meeting discussing his stay or exile. Rick explains his plight in a speech to the members of Alexandria. He tells Deanna he’s not sorry about what he said, just that he did not say it sooner.

Wolves: ‘Just Be Still’

We see the Wolves vanquishing the red poncho individual with the same words as earlier, ‘Just be still’. They turn up the volume as music in the food trucks plays and the walkers line up like a moth to the light. The trap is reset.

Glenn Vs Nicholas

Glenn notices that Nicholas has been spying on him and that he’s climbed over the fence in an effort to deter a confrontation. Glenn follows Nicholas into the forest when Nicholas shoots him the shoulder and attempts to beat Glenn. When walkers arrive, Nicholas leaves Glenn defenseless against an onslaught.

Glenn miraculously survives and catches up to Nicholas, who he stuns by surprise. Faced with the option of finishing the confrontation with a weeping Nicholas, who had shot him and left him to walkers, Glenn does not succumb to vengeance.The theme of forgiveness was a major one on tonight’s Walking Dead season finale. Earlier in the episode we witness a dialogue between Abraham and Eugene. They forgive each other, and decide to let the conflict over the lie and aftermath rest.

Deanna: Do it.

In light of Rick’s grand overture, Pete returns wielding Michonne’s sword. He screams they do not belong here. Deanna’s husband Reg attempts to cool the fueling situation and is slashed by Pete, irreversibly wounding him. A crushed Deanna watches the love of her life, the architect of Alexandria fade away. Instantly she recalls Rick’s earlier proposition and simply says ‘Do it’. Rick vanquishes the ever maligned Pete by shooting him. We discover Morgan, Daryl and Aaron watching the scene play out, looking at Rick. As the season arrives to a conclusion. The wolves loom for Season 6 of The Walking Dead.

The End of Season 5 of The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Ratings

– This week’s Walking Dead season finale “Conquer” scored an amazing 8.2 rating, with an audience of 15.8 million viewers. Including 10.4 million in the 18-49 age demographic according to Tvbythenumbers. It was The Walking Dead’s highest rated season finale of all time.

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