When Does The Walking Dead Return?


The Walking Dead aired it’s Season 5 finale, and now begins the long wait for the show to return with the sixth season. 

This past Sunday saw the stunning season finale of The Walking Dead — one of the best we’ve ever seen on the show. But it’s a bitter sweet moment, as while the season finale was great, we now have to begin the long wait for new episodes as fans will have to wait months for the show to return.

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How long specifically do we have to wait?

Typically, the show comes back in the fall, which means at the minimum we have a 6-7 month wait on our hands before the show comes back. Waiting half a year for the series to come back is agonizing, even if we don’t technically have to wait a year for a new season. The fall of 2015 is eons away though, but thankfully we have something to take our minds off of everything.

Fear The Walking Dead is coming in the summer months, which is great news for fans who don’t want to have to wait until the fall to get their Walking Dead fix.

There’s no saying Fear The Walking Dead is going to be any good, but the fact that fans are deprived of Walking Dead material might actually work in the favor of the new spinoff series. No one knows how it’s going to pan out, but at the very least the series will provide us with an escape from the madness that no Walking Dead material leaves us in.

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