The Walking Dead Season 6: Will there be a backstory on Morgan?


In Season 6 of the Walking Dead, will we have an episode on the backstory of Morgan? Gale Anne Hurd answered the question. 

A couple of seasons ago on the Walking Dead, we were able to see a backstory episode on the Governor and the path that he had gone through. The whole episode was dedicated to his history and what led him to become the person that he had become at that point.

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We wonder if we will get to see the backstory of Morgan and what has made him become this zen ninja that we now have. What events has he gone through in order to become this new man?

Will there be an episode dedicated to Morgan? The question was asked to executive producer Gale Ann Hurd on Entertainment Weekly and here is what she had to say:

"Any chance we might get a backstory episode with Morgan in season 6, kind of like what you did in season 4 with the Governor?I hope so, but I don’t know is the honest answer."

Of course she didn’t have an answer to the question. It doesn’t even look like she knows the answer to the question at this point. If she did know, she wouldn’t tell us, but we can’t help but ask anyway.

It seems that a backstory episode is needed though. Morgan is in such a different space than we had seen in the past. When the group left him, he was the one that had lost his mind and he seemed like he had taken some crazy pills. Now he is calm and collected and has ninja skills. Where did all of this come from? An episode showing his journey would be amazing.

There have been a few theories on why Morgan is in that zen mode, but we all want to know what has happened to get him there. Can we see the rest of the group get to that spot?

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