Walking Dead season 6: Reedus predicts “total chaos”


The cast of the Walking Dead shared their thoughts on the coming season and Norman Reedus believed that there would be “total chaos.”

The cast and crew of the Walking Dead don’t know too much on how Season 6 will play out, but they have their own predictions and opinions on what it will be like. The cast has gone through 5 seasons with the show already and have a good feeling on how things likely will play out. They know that there will be blood and surprises. They just don’t know the details. Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) predicts that there will be total chaos in season 6.

Filming for season 6 has yet to begin, but they should be starting up fairly soon. When we ended season 5, it looked like total chaos was about to break loose already. There were a few deaths on the episode that would open up some eyes.

Pete was on crazy pills and slit the throat of Reg. That forced the hand of the town, so Deanna asked Rick to “do it.” Rick went ahead and killed Pete in front of the whole community. Morgan just walked through the gates for the first time and the first thing that he witnessed was Rick offing a man in front of the rest of the people. There definitely will be some explaining to do.

That is just the start of the total chaos that Reedus has predicted. We also have seen this group named the Wolves and what they do to people. They will be on the hunt for the Alexandria Safe Zone, since they have found pictures of the location and will be looking to take their supplies and people.

The prediction of chaos sounds right. That prediction probably could be made before any season of the Walking Dead though.

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