Killing Daryl Dixon Might Cause Actual Zombie Apocalypse


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, but killing off Daryl Dixon might not only ruin the show but destroy humanity. 


Fans of The Walking Dead are in a lull period right now before the premiere of Fear The Walking Dead and the return of the next season of the original series.

But in that lull period, fans are left thinking about what the future holds and who might not be a part of that future for much longer. The fear for some has been that Daryl Dixon will get killed off before the next season ends — and that’s been a fear for a while now.

Killing off Daryl Dixon would be an edgy move, to say the least, and would likely garner massively different reactions from eery camp. The comic book lovers probably won’t mind since Daryl was never part of the comics to begin with, but the fans of the television show who love Daryl more than their own children might be the ones we want to watch out for.

Daryl Dixon is a fan favorite, but there is a line between being a fan and being obsessive — and it’s a line that is in the distant past for many fans. If the show ever did kill off Daryl, it might be the incident that brings about an actual zombie apocalypse as there would no doubt be rioting and looting by fans who can’t handle his death.

Of course, it might also ruin the show as a bulk of the following could be from the fact that so many people foam at the mouth over Daryl. It’s not something that will happen in the near future, but let’s just have our emergency packs at the ready in case the show ever does decide to do us all in by killing off Daryl Dixon.

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