Could Negan Be Cast As A Woman?


The Walking Dead has been teasing Negan’s arrival for a while now, but could the character show up as a female in the show?

Get ready to have your gender norms rocked, as The Walking Dead could be considering something that will bring out the hidden sexist in a lot of fans.

In a poll that was run recently, fans were asked who should play the role of Negan and among the options was an actress — not an actor. That would mean that a character who is male in the comics would show up as a female in the show.

It has since been speculated that Negan could be played by an actress, as it makes sense in a weird way since The Walking Dead has played with gender swapping before with much success.

Besides, who really cares of Negan is a woman? Are we really that sexist as a society that we can’t handle a woman being cast in a role that was previously held by a male? And it’s not like Negan is really being swapped out that aggressively, since he’s not anything other than a drawn character.

Look, people hate change and this is naturally going to be met with resistance. Daniel Craig got hate mail for being cast as Bond for no other reason than he was blonde — seriously. People find the lamest reasons for people to not play certain characters that have either been the same way for so long or have been made up in a reader’s mind as to what they should look like.

I’d be down for a female Han Solo, a black Spider-Man or any other sort of role reversal like that. Why not, that’s what art is — interpretations of interpretations.

Megan being played by a woman is a fasnticating idea and it’s something that might inject some much needed juice into a series that is teetering on the brink of playing it too close to the comic books.

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