Norman Reedus Says He Was Ready To Have Daryl Dixon Be Gay


The Walking Dead doesn’t have much pull int he world of politics, but making Daryl Dixon a gay character is something that could change that — and Norman Reedus is on board. 

The Walking Dead is a series that has a ton of reach with fans and is one of the most popular things on television. That being said, there was some backlash at the idea that Daryl Dixon could be a gay character — but that’s all been put to rest now.

It hasn’t been put to rest in that Daryl Dixon isn’t going to be gay, rather Norman Reedus has come out in defense of the character being gay which should make all fans who were against the idea feel really stupid.

Norman Reedus talked about the possibility that Daryl Dixon could be gay and noted that he was all for the idea and was ready to do it if he was asked.

"“I was like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it,” Reedus said. “We didn’t ever do it, but it was talked about.”"

The Walking Dead already has a gay character on the series and it’s not a big deal. Many feared that it would make the show too political or some crap like that, but in the end he ended up being just another character.

Making Daryl gay wouldn’t have changed anything about him other than his sexual preference — and given how often Daryl gets down on the show it would largely end up being a dead issue.

That being said, if The Walking Dead were to introduce the idea that Daryl was gay, it would no doubt make him an even bigger icon than he already is and would play with stereotypes about ‘rednecks’ and their views on the world. Daryl is in no way a scholar, but if he were to come out as a gay character, it would bend the way that he’s perceived in a very good way and shine a positive light on the show in a way we haven’t seen before.

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