The Walking Dead Season 6 will Resume Filming on May 4th


The Walking Dead is in the middle of filming the sixth season of the show, and the series will get back to work on May 4th. 

We are still months away from the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6, and filming is slated to get back underway in Georgia next month.

May 4th is commonly associated with Star Wars,  but in Georgia it’s going to be all about The Walking Dead as filming on the sixth season of the series is going to het back to work in the coming weeks.

According to the Times-Herald, The Walking Dead will roll cameras on May 4th which means that’s when The Walking Dead Season 6 will get back underway with production.

"Filming of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” will start soon, and Location Manager Michael Riley appeared before the Senoia City Council and the Coweta County Board of Commissioners this week to discuss the upcoming filming.Filming will begin May 4, Riley said. He’s trying to get people to not cut the grass along road rights-of-way."

Knowing that filming is resuming on May 4th is great news for fans who want to see the series completed on time. That’s something worth worrying about, as big shows like Hannibal and True Detective have suffered long delays between seasons and it’s not uncommon these days for shows to take their time in production.

AMC suffered through this with the premiere of Better Call Saul, but that ended up paying off in the end. The series is likely going to be up for multiple Emmy awards after it’s first season, and while that’s not a suggestion that the same is in store for The Walking Dead, it’s at least worth noting that waiting could be worth it in the end.

The Walking Dead isn’t expected to hit any production snags along the way, but it’s still nice knowing that the series is getting back to work within the next few weeks.

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