When will Fear the Walking Dead premiere?

Fear the Walking Dead may be set to premiere on June 12 

We have been waiting for the official premiere date for the Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead and it looks like there is talk about a premiere date of June 12.

We still have not seen an official listing, but the rumors are flying about the release date being on June 12. It seems that the premiere will take place on a Friday night.

Fear the Walking Dead has already been signed on for 2 seasons and will have 6 episodes in the first season. Not all the details for the show are known at the moment, but we do know that it will take place in Los Angeles and will take place at the start of the zombie apocalypse. It is starring Cliff Curtis and Kim Dickens.

More information will start to leak on the show as the release date gets closer, but at least we have an air date for the premiere episode. We can look forward to seeing it in a couple of months. It will give us something to watch until the original series goes back on the air.

Here is the first trailer for the show and we are looking forward to seeing a few more teasers for the show.