The Walking Dead Season 6 Scripts Handed Out (Photo)


The Walking Dead is getting set to film it’s sixth season this summer, and the process to starting that has officially begun with the handing out of the scripts.

After the so-so fifth season of The Walking Dead, fans are looking ahead to what should be a rebound year for the series. Things need to start picking up for a show that has such a popular following, and that’s why there is so much hope for the sixth season of the series.

That sixth season has started, at least from a production standpoint it has. The actors have arrived, the sets have been build and the scripts have been handed out for rehearsals.

The Walking Dead officially handed out scripts for the first episode of the new season, and it’s officially getting real once again.

This is great news for fans, but it might not be the best news for all parties involved. Of course, the beginning of production was marred by the arrest of Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel on the series. There are questions about how he’s going to factor into the equation moving forward. The series could write him out, but there’s also the possibility that he is simply written around or filmed around in as shooting begins.

Either way, the fact of the matter remains that the series is going to get going with the meat of production here in the coming weeks and that’s something that is going to be thrilling for Walking Dead fans to experience. We may not know everything about the series, but this is the season of set leaks and other juicy tidbits and it’s almost like Christmas in the dead of summer.

Emphasis on dead.

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