Let’s Dust Off Those Jon Hamm Playing Negan Rumors


The Walking Dead still needs to cast Negan for the upcoming season of the show — and Jon Hamm is a name that is naturally coming around again. 

When The Walking Dead finally casts the role of Negan and it’s not Jon Hamm, we’re all going to be very disappointed. But until that time comes, we can cling to hope that such a thing will happen. With Mad Men ending and The Walking Dead beginning production on Season 6, speculation is alive again that Jon Hamm could be playing Negan on the upcoming season of the show and/or beyond.

Of course, this isn’t anything new and it’s an idea that has been kicking around in the heads of fans for a while now — including the head of Jon Hamm himself.

Here’s Jon Hamm talking about playing Negan on The Walking Dead back when he was doing press for Mad Men’s final season on AMC.

Is it concrete proof that Hamm will be playing Negan — no. Does it leave the door open for such a thing to happen — very much so. The Walking Dead needs some life injected into it, and it might be that point in the series where a big name is needed to rejuvenate some interest in the series.

It’s hard to say that a show which averages tens of millions of viewers a week is in need of rejuvenation, but you don’t want to lose that audience. If Jon Hamm wants to play a villain on your show, you’re hard pressed to say no, even if your show is The Walking Dead.

Actually, especially if your show is The Walking Dead.

Jon Hamm is a money maker, and he’s one of the most talented actors around. He’ll have the free time to devote to being on The Walking Dead in a big way, and AMC probably wouldn’t mind adding him back into their lineup and giving us the Mad Men/Walking Dead crossover we knew we wanted but didn’t think we’d get.

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