The Walking Dead Season 6 Spoilers: Will Rick and Morgan fight?


The Walking Dead Season 6 looks like it will pack in the intensity and that could revolve around a battle of morality for Rick and Morgan. 

We are still months away from the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 6, but already we’re starting to hear more and more about what might be in store for the upcoming season.

When we last things in Alexandria, Morgan showed up right after Rick killed Pete for killing Reg — and some walkers died too, basically lots of death happened before Morgan showed up. That’s the juxtaposition of his character though, as he’s peaceful but quick with his trigger finger.

Rick and Morgan were reunited though, and that’s the gist of the situation at hand. But how long will the bromance last?

According to some spoilers which have leaked out onto the internet — correct or not — it appears that Rick and Morgan will clash this season, which isn’t really that big if a spoiler.

"Times will be tough for “The Walking Dead’s” original bromance between Morgan Jones and Rick Grimes. You have to see where both men are coming from: Rick has been trying to walk the fine line between sanity and in-Shane-ity, while Morgan seems to have come to peace with the new zombified world. Morgan won’t take too kindly to seeing Rick shoot Pete in the head at the end of last season. The two will probably clash on morality, which has been a central focus of AMC’s hit show since the very beginning."

Having Rick and Morgan come to blows, even if they’re not physical, is something we can probably expect to see. The two are different in as many ways as they are the same and that’s something which could cause friction. Morgan is a changed man since we last saw him, and Rick is crazier than Morgan remembers.

Something will come to a head this season with those together and we can’t wait to see what happens.

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