The Walking Dead Rumors: Eugene to be involved in love triangle?


The Walking Dead isn’t afraid to get weird, and that could be in store with a potential love triangle between Rosita, Abraham and Eugene. 

Last season on The Walking Dead, things got a little weird with Abraham, Rosita and Eugene. That could be something that is revisited in the new season of the show.

When we last saw them all together, Abraham and Rosita were in the coils of love, while Eugene creepily watched from behind a bookshelf. That was bad enough — and also hilarious — but it might not be the last that we’ve seen of the three together in that kind of a situation.

According to some spoilers that are leaking out onto the internet, it appears that there is going to be some sort of love triangle between Rosita, Abraham and Eugene.

"Fans of the comic book are probably guessing that Abraham and Rosita’s relationship won’t last much longer. In Robert Kirkman’s origin story, Abraham cheats on Rosita with a Safe-Zone member named Holly. That role could be taken on by Dahlia, the woman Abraham rescued during the construction scene last season. If that were to happen, Rosita could cry on Eugene’s shoulder, which may or may not disrupt his bond with Tara."

This could get weird really quickly, as Abraham and Rosita are two of the stronger characters on the show but somehow Eugene has worked his way into this whole deal.

That’s the most interesting part of this, but with all three of them as tightly knit in terms of where they’ve come from in the past, it could be a situation that gets messy rather quickly. We won’t know what will happen until the show returns this fall — which seems like way too long to have to wait.

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