Fear The Walking Dead Will Not Call Zombies ‘Walkers’


Fear The Walking Dead will channel the series it’s spun off from, but it won’t be using all of the terms in that show. 

When AMC premieres Fear The Walking Dead later this summer, the series should be both similar yet different from what we’re used to seeing. While the show won’t be a carbon copy of The Walking Dead, we’re going to se elements of the show that cross over.

There will, however, be things that don’t crossover. One of those things will be there term ‘walkers’.

According to Fear The Walking Dead showrunner Dave Erickson, the series won’t be using the term ‘walkers’ — because no one in the show will know what those are.

"“The names that we’ll play with are kind of specific to what our characters experience as the story begins. Which is, if it seems to be a virus, it’s a contagion, are they infected? It will be in that world at first, and then I think it will approach something a little bit more apocalyptic. That will coalesce as the season plays out.”"

This makes sense, as the universe that will inhabit Fear The Walking Dead won’t know what walkers are — because they don’t yet exist.

It should be a cool moment when the term is first coined, but that won’t be for a while into the show. For the time being, we will hear the phrase danced around, but we have to remember that this is a prequel that will exist in a world where the zombie outbreak hasn’t totally happened and walkers aren’t something we have to deal with — yet.

Fear The Walking Dead will premiere later this summer on AMC.

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