The Walking Dead Season 6: Will Carl Finally Stop Being Lame?


The Walking Dead Season 6 is deep in production and this could be the season where Carl stops being lame. 

It’s no secret that among all of the characters on The Walking Dead, Carl Grimes is one of the least liked. It’s really through no fault of his own, as his character merely exists and doesn’t do much else — a product of being undeveloped and underwritten.

This upcoming season of the show could be the season that Carl finally breaks out and becomes something worth paying attention to.

The only question, is how will all of this happen?

Recently, there have been rumors about Enid and what her character will do in Season 6, and that involves Carl. The two young characters could end up sharing some screen time and it could be a situation that helps Carl develop a little bit.

There’s also the whole Carl losing his eye thing — that hasn’t really been touched upon yet and could be soon. In the comics, Carl loses his eye when he is accidentally shot by Deanna. So far, that storyline hasn’t really been touched on because Deanna hasn’t been around. That all changed this season though with the introduction of the Alexandria Safe Zone and moving forward it could be a painful revelation for Carl.

Either way, it seems Carl is going to be in for a big season this year and that’s great for his character. He’s a big part of the comics and a lot of the frustration with his character comes from the way he’s portrayed in the show. That could all be changing this season — and it’s about time.

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