Walking Dead: Is Michael Cudlitz’s Tweet Really A Spoiler Or Not?


The Walking Dead is premiering in a few months, and the whole issue about a character death being spoiled could be much ado about nothing. 

We have a few months until the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, and ’tis the season of spoilers and people reading into things way too much.

That could be the case with this whole business over a tweet sent out by actor Michael Cudlitz that may or may not have been a hint at a character death this season.

The original tweet by Michael Cudlitz stated that he ‘did’ enjoy working with Josh McDermitt.

Michael-Cudlitz-Original-Tweet-467x700 /

Of course, Cudlitz changed the tweet after it was brought to everyone’s attention that it might be a spoiler, which obviously didn’t help things.

The fact of the matter is, this might not really be a spoiler and it could be something we were all reading too much into. What this most likely was, was a case of an inside joke possibly getting out into the public. Maybe this was the case of Cudlitz giving McDermitt crap on the set, with joke being that he pretended to not like him while filming.

There’s also the fact that Abraham and Eugene don’t really get along on the series — for obvious reasons that viewers should immediately be privy to. That’s something that the actors, who get along well in real life, might be playing on here. While Abraham doesn’t like Eugene, Cudlitz indeed likes McDermitt.

If we can read into this tweet negatively, why can’t we put a positive spin on things?

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