Walking Dead Spoilers: Is that Heath on set?


Some images from the set on The Walking Dead shows a new character that looks like Heath from the comic books. 

If you remember some of the casting calls during the offseason, The Walking Dead was looking for a character that was named Delvin, but had some characteristics that reminded us all of Heath.  Here is the description of the casting call:

"“[DELVIN] AFRICAN AMERICAN, Male, Early to mid 20s. An intelligent, cynical and serious-minded guy with a “Jim from ‘the Office'” level of disbelief and dislike for the stupidity he often encounters. The only thing he has that passes for humor is his occasional sarcasm. He’s not angry or ill-tempered, he just thinks that people can be (and often are) very dumb. If pressed, he’d reluctantly admit that he thinks most people have the potential to be good…”"

Recently a new character has been seen on the set of the Walking Dead and it could be our “Delvin” and he sure looks the part of Heath.

Take a look at the photos from the Spoiling Dead:

11391769_499643903524086_8681455788022326246_n /

We don’t see a face, but he has been on set for the last couple of days and just looking at his hair it looks like it could be comic book Heath.

Here is a photo of what comic book Heath:

Heath_(CS),_5 /

Has the same hair and jacket going on as our comic book character. It seems like a match.

Here is another photo of the new character in question on a little car ride.

1463068_498606523627824_162655663618539415_n /

If I had to make my guess, we will be seeing Heath very soon and he may be called Delvin OR they just give his real name on the show.  Can’t wait to find out.

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