Walking Dead: Corey Hawkins rumored to play role as Delvin


The Walking Dead will introduce the role of Delvin next season and the actor that has been cast for the role is believed to be Corey Hawkins. 

The role of Delvin has been talked about a lot lately on The Walking Dead set. There has been an actor that has been seen on the set that has caught the attention of fans and many believe that he is playing the role of Delvin.

A few months back there was a casting call for the role of Delvin and here was the description that was given:

"“[DELVIN] AFRICAN AMERICAN, Male, Early to mid 20s. An intelligent, cynical and serious-minded guy with a “Jim from ‘the Office’” level of disbelief and dislike for the stupidity he often encounters. The only thing he has that passes for humor is his occasional sarcasm. He’s not angry or ill-tempered, he just thinks that people can be (and often are) very dumb. If pressed, he’d reluctantly admit that he thinks most people have the potential to be good…”"

A few photos have emerged from the set that look to be Delvin and The Spoiling Dead believe that they have the inside scoop on the actor that is playing the role.

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Here is the scoop from the Spoiling Dead:

"Thanks to info received from a reliable source today, we are now able to say that we are 99% positive that Corey Hawkins will be a new cast member. We believe he will be playing “Delvin” from the April casting call. At this point, most of us already suspected that Delvin would be Heath from the comics. ~ShinyFirefly"

Hawkins will appear in Straight Outta Compton the movie and will be playing the role of Dr. Dre. Now it sounds like he has found his new role on The Walking Dead. Dr. Dre is on the Walking Dead.

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