Are These The Details On A Major Walking Dead Season 6 Death?

The Walking Dead Comics #143 - Skybound
The Walking Dead Comics #143 - Skybound /

The Walking Dead Season 6 is in the middle of filming, but a major death from the series might have been revealed. 

We are about midway through the filming of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, and already things are looking like they might be as intense as they’ve ever been for the series.

For a show as popular as The Walking Dead is, everyone is always looking for a spoiler to get ahead of things and we’re starting to see that as production continues this summer. Nothing huge has been revealed or ruined, but we’re getting hints at where the series could be headed.

Specifically, fans are wondering about what is going to happen to Abraham. Well, we might have just found out.

Spoiling Dead Fans stumbled upon some set photos and details about some scenes that were shot this past weekend that seem to hint at the death of Abraham — or at least something serious that happens to him.

"Abraham attempts to climb onto the fence that is hanging off of the bridge to try to pull the RPG off of the back of the walker. He fights the walker, using his right arm to push the head and torso away from him. The walker is violent, swinging back and forth, causing the fence to shake and bend. There is a struggle and suddenly Abraham screams, scrambles back several inches and collapses, his hands and arms landing dangerously close to the walker who is still attempting to attack and bite anything within reach. It’s possible that he could have gotten injured at this point, but it most likely is an injury caused by the mangled fence."

This may end up being a whole lot of nothing, as we heard very, very similar rumors regarding Glenn this same time last year. As we all know, nothing happened to Glenn and he survived the fifth season — which bodes very well for Abraham. That doesn’t mean he’s safe though, as The Walking Dead isn’t a show that tends to make our hearts melt with happy feelings, as it more often then not takes things away from us and crushes our souls.

Abraham might end up surviving this particular scene, but his fate throughout the season is still up in the air.

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