Fear The Walking Dead: New Set Featurette Video


A new video has surfaced for Fear The Walking Dead.  This one takes us behind the scenes of the show and focuses on the cast and crew that are working hard to make the show possible.

It features executive producers Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Erickson and creator Robert Kirkman along with the stars of the show Kim Dickens, Alycia Debnum Carey, cliff Curtis and many others discussing their takes on the show.  Among the topics are the setting, the characters, purpose of the story, and of course, the zombies.

Here is the video (REGION FREE!) from our friends over at SpoilerTV:

AMC, the cast of the show, as well as the crew all seem to say the same thing.  The show will focus on the relationships of the characters and eventually sprinkle in the undead as the show goes along.  Because of that, the show might not get off to as hot of a start as the original The Walking Dead program did.

However, fans that are willing to get to know these characters and develop an attachment to them could be in for a huge reward.  As we’ve found out on The Walking Dead, it’s when those characters are ones that we can relate to or understand that we feel the most emotion about.  Because of that, Fear The Walking Dead offers a unique take on the show that we weren’t offered before.

Fear The Walking Dead is set to hit AMC in August with no set date yet.  Stay tuned to Undead Walking and we’ll pass along that announcement as soon as it is made.  In fact, it is speculated that the announcement will come at this year’s Wizard World 2015 Comic Con International in San Diego, California this weekend.

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