The Walking Dead Season 6: Scott Gimple Says First Episodes Are ‘Intense’


The Walking Dead is filming it’s sixth season at the moment, and producer Scott M. Gimple is already trying to mentally prepare us for the first three episodes. 

We are still months away from the premiere of The Walking Dead, but already fans of the series are being mentally prepared for what will happen in the first three episodes. We have no idea what is going to go down, but whatever happens is apparently going to be insane.

That’s coming straight from the mouth of producer Scott M. Gimple.

Gimple sat down with Entertainment Weekly recently and noted that the first three episodes of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead will be intense.

"“The first three episodes are intense, and the cast and crew are – we just shot them out of a cannon directly into another cannon that we shot them out of again. The first three episodes this year and the things that we’re doing are very big and very difficult, and we’re pushing people hard.”"

The panel for The Walking Dead is scheduled to be held tomorrow, and we will likely hear more about these first three episodes then. In fact, fans are hoping to hear a whole lot more, but given how secretive has long been, we shouldn’t expect to hear too much from the panel that we don’t already know.

Still, Gimple is teasing the first three episodes — in which we’re hoping to see The Wolves — and Comic-Con could be our kept to more information about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. 

Be sure to stay glued to Undead Walking all day tomorrow for The Walking Dead Comic-Con panel and all weekend long for the latest information to come out of San Diego about Fear The Walking Dead as well.

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