The Walking Dead Season 6: Where did the bell tower go?

Sasha, The Walking Dead - AMC
Sasha, The Walking Dead - AMC /

During filming on the set of the Walking Dead, the crew took down the bell tower at the site. What is this going to mean for Sasha or Spencer? 

The Spoiling Dead is keeping their eyes on the scene at the filming site in Georgia and some madness just went down. We don’t know what is happening at the moment, but the bell tower is gone!

Here is an update from the scene yesterday:

"Word is the Bell Tower has fallen. Crew were out earlier cutting at the tower with chainsaws. We don’t know all the details yet. They had vans lined up to block the fans."

And then it was followed up with some photos of the scene and the bell tower is gone!

11139352_518030918352051_2447803162117788811_n /
11694014_518030901685386_7897045439533305457_n /

What could this mean? The bell tower was never taken down in our comics, so we must be straying away from the comics on this part of the story. We have our first confirmed fatality on the show. We lost the bell tower!

What is it going to mean for Sasha or Spencer though? Those are the two that were chilling in that tower the most looking to snipe some walkers and they were scoping out the scene.

How is this tower going to go down? Does it have anything to do with the rocket launcher that Abraham found on a walker during filming a week ago? I don’t know why Abraham would go HAM on the bell tower, but there are a lot of questions that we have now that the thing has been taken down.

What do you all think happened to the tower?

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