The Walking Dead: Zombie Guitar, Time to Rock Out!


It’s time to get down and shred riffs that’ll make the dead rise! A Comic Con Exclusive, The Walking Dead Zombie Burst guitar is a thing of beauty. This six-string bad boy features exclusive series artwork from ASG (Artist Series Guitar), including the awesome ‘Don’t Open Dead Inside’ text inlays. Built strong with mahogany and high-output, dual-coil humbucking ASG Arsenal pickups, this baby is built to withstand the harshest conditions of the Walker apocalypse.

At an affordable $500 dollar mark this Walking Dead exclusive is sure to go faster than a plate of Carol’s cookies. It’s simply a gorgeous performance piece to rock out on stage. A six-string that captures the imagination of your audience, and the precision eye of dedicated guitar aficionados. If you’re a rocker and love watching Rick Grimes and the gang it’s a match made in walker heaven. If there is such a place.

Artist Series Guitar is a company known for its remarkable attention to detail when it comes to supremely custom paint jobs. This latest exclusive is hot on the heels of a long line of Walking Dead guitars they’ve produced. You can check out ASG’s full collection of Walking Dead six-strings at this link.

You’ll find the opportunity to purchase the awesome Zombie Burst Guitar exclusively at

Walking Dead Guitar Photo Gallery

walking dead zombie guitar case
walking dead zombie guitar case /
walking dead guitar text
walking dead guitar text /
walking dead zombie guitar side view
walking dead zombie guitar side view /
walking dead zombie burst guitar front view
walking dead zombie burst guitar front view /

Look at the lovely still shots of this beauty. Next time you turn up the amp, wouldn’t you love having one of these by your side? If they introduced a Walking Dead band, who do you see fronting the group? I could easily imagine Daryl Dixon in an alternative grungy rock band, maybe Merle singing some country. Obviously Beth already has her own gig in real life. Rick Grimes could front a classic rock band. Lead single ‘This Ain’t A Democracy Anymore’.

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